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Aurore Trunelle

I am a Senior Front End Engineer working @ SamKnows living in London, building elegant and feature-rich web applications using modern technologies. With high standards, a focus on code quality, scalability, and maintainability, I particularly enjoy building large applications from the ground up.



SM Admin 2



Leading the Front End development and rewrite of SM Admin 2, an admin platform used mostly in-house to create and maintain campaigns, showcases, and contents, centralising 3 applications into one.

Mentoring junior and more senior developers, teaching Vue.js, on a daily basis using pair programming and following TDD.

Player Trader

Player trader

Football platform preview screenshot

Leading the Front End development of a bespoke online platform to connect players and clubs.

AIMIA Insights Platform


Aimia Insights Platform preview

Building and maintaining AIMIA Insights Platform product, a B2B SaaS web application which provides data analysis through reports for supermarkets such as Sainsbury, ICA... Features I worked on includes:

  • improving report builder
  • importing large CSV files to feed data into the report builder
  • build of new multi questions report viewer

EdComs real-time multiplayer quiz


Get Set real time quiz screenshot
AngularJSHTML5SASSGulpweb sockets

Development and consulting to build EdComs multiplayer quiz. This kahoot style quiz is meant to be used by students in schools in real time on any device as a team or as concurrent.

The Big Noise Festival

The Big Noise Festival

The big noise festival website screenshot

Volunteering work to build the festival main website as the sole developer (front-end and back-end), to showcase artists playing to raise money for The Big Noise charity.

Community and side projects

Vue events/meetups

Vue events preview

Helping improving and maintaining this Vue community project.

Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline app

Marvel app preview

As part of the UpLab and Nativescript challenge, built this Marvel app using NativescriptVue, which is now featured as a sample on Nativescript marketplace.



A problem solver and constant learner at heart, I am passionate about my work. I'm using clean front-end architecture first and foremost, to develop products with the best solutions and ensure they grow with the core business. Responsiveness is at the heart of my builds so your message can reach any user.

I enjoy building clean and elegant modern web applications from scratch and early-stage projects, focusing on quality, to create high-end products.


I have over 5 years experience building websites and web solutions. I had the chance to work with a range of companies, from start-up to big companies, agencies and product side.

Working on small to large projects, CMS based websites, games, SaaS feature-rich web applications, I gain a great insight into getting a project from start to finish.

Working on-site or remotely, I have been able to lead projects on my own as well as collaborate with large teams, following and setting up processes to ensure code quality.



  • HTML5
  • SASS
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • ES6

Front end frameworks

  • Vue.js
  • Angular

Unit testing

  • Jest
  • Karma
  • Jasmine


  • Front-End architecture (webpack, npm scripts, gulp)
  • Git workflow
  • Accessibility
  • RESTful API
  • Responsive web design


When I am not coding, I enjoy 👩‍🍳, 📗, 🏸, 🧘 and spending time with my 🐈.

People who worked with me say
"Aurore was a great mentor. She explained a variety of difficult concepts to me in clear and concise ways. As a developer she has a wealth of experience from which to draw from, and this helped a lot with my own development, as she was able to explain the pros and cons of particular approaches and suggest alternative methods. She is very easy to talk to and is equally capable communicating with other developers as she is with account managers and upper management. Given the chance, I would definitely work with her again."

Prajay Ghaghda, Junior Front End Developer

"My job as a Product Owner was made much easier with Aurore working in my team. She is a absolute STAR...a developer who understands code quickly, follow's processes, challenges the norm, asks the right questions and with a consistency to deliver stories faster then I've seen before. As a Product Owner, I believe all members of the development team should show traits of being a Product Owners themselves...she does this!!! She will be an asset to any company she works for. I most definitely hope to work again with Aurore in the future!!"

Krish Patel, Hands-on Product Owner

"Aurore is a one stop shop for web development, from medium size companies to enterprises. She is an exceptional front end developer, she is always up to date with the latest technologies and practices. She is very accurate and flexible and you can always rely on her."

Financial Times

"Aurore is one of the most focussed, dedicated and quite simply speediest programmers I have ever had the pleasure of working with."

Massive Analytics

"Aurore is a very talented developer who is passionate about the quality of her work. In the several projects we were both involved in she was very reliable and maintain a high standard of work that was a great example to the team as a whole. She is quick to complete tasks and not shy to learn and push the limits of her knowledge. I highly recommend her for any team needing a switched on and exceptional developer."

Daniel Clements, Senior web developer Consultant